Áreas de actuación

Civil Law

The Civil law department at 1961 Abogados y Economistas, from the creation of the firm, has offered a comprehensive, integral consulting service on civil matters, be it in the area of contracts or that of representing and defending clients in all manner of proceedings and appeals before the courts.

We are specialists in claiming for damages derived from contractual and non-contractual liability, traffic accidents (traffic regulations), losses (insurance and transport law), breach of contract (construction law), breaches of right to privacy and personal image, and issues regarding claims against late payment and rights in rem.

Appeals before the courts:

Ordinary and extraordinary appeals before the lower courts, Provincial Courts, High Courts, the Supreme Court, Constitutional Tribunal and the European Court of Justice.

Non-contractual liability:

Claims for medical negligence, defective products, accidents in gymnasiums, supermarkets, and public or private establishments in general.

Traffic regulations:

Claims for traffic accidents with damages to persons and /or  vehicles.


Claiming compensation from insurance companies for loss.


Claims against shipping companies for accidents involving goods or machinery.


Claims for breach of contract against the different building agents, or between promoter-constructor, constructor-manufacturer or promoter-constructor and a third party.

Right to privacy and personal image:

Claims for infringements, in written, visual or oral form, against privacy and personal image.

Claims against late payment:

Claims for non-payment of invoices. Claims on invoices to recoup the VAT before the Tax Authorities.