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Family Law

He Family law department at 1961 Abogados y Economistas brings together a group of professionals who are experts in the areas of Civil Family Law, Criminal Family Law and International Family Law.

As part of a firm with a broad range of specialised departments and an extensive international network, we are able to broach Family law in all of its complexity. Far from a purely civil perspective, the Family law department counts on the support of the Successions, Criminal, Labour, Corporate, Tax and Real Estate departments.

Civil Family Law:

  • Mutual divorce and separation agreements
  • Modification of divorce agreements
  • Shared care and custody
  • Divorce settlement agreements
  • Conflict resolution through family mediation
  • Contentious proceedings in Family law
  • Interventions before ecclesiastical courts and the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and the Roman Rota
  • Giving canonical judgements civil effect
  • Study and drafting of provisions in premarital agreements
  • Dissolution of the matrimonial property scheme
  • Incapacity orders
  • Filiation processes: claiming - contesting filiation, paternity and maternity
  • Appointment and removal of guardians. Inventory of assets and accountability
  • Recording in a public deed stable partnerships outside marriage
  • Judicial proceedings: termination of common law relationship and regulation of its effects
  • Familial relationships: adoption, fostering and guardianship

Criminal Family Law:

  • Violence against women
  • Non-payment of allowance and maintenance
  • Non-compliance with visitation orders